How to overcome Windows 7 Slow Boot and Start Up

One the main reasons why people stay using Windows 7 is because the easy user interface and they don’t even need a complicated interface to use. When they try Windows 8, most common users usually will go back to use Windows 7. Although it is easily seen from the user interface and many applications are also based on Windows 7 setting, it still has so many problems to fix. There are many common problems you have to know when you are using Windows 7. The first common problem is that it runs out huge space of RAM and that could be one of the reasons why Windows 7 slow boot and start up. Another problem is the driver that often got the issue, so it also impacts to the speed of boot and startup also. If you want to fix the problems of Windows 7, you have to fix the start up and boot first. Here are the ways to overcome Windows 7 slow boot and start up.

Use registry fixer

There are a lot of applications that can help you to fix the registry. You can use registry fixer that needs to be regularly updated. You even need to pay after you use the trial version. You don’t need to bring your PC to the service center when you have had registry fixer. Try to find the freeware, but it is pretty hard to get a good one but freeware.

Turn off the Anti-Virus for urgent need

If you need to use your laptop or PC urgently, you may need to try to turn off the Anti-Virus for a while and see whether it is still slow or not. It usually impacts the performance as this application usually runs in the background. It could be a better solution for Windows 7 slow boot and start up.