Sound, connectivity and Aesthetics for wireless headphones

Sound quality

The quality of the sound is important, especially regarding how it modulates the bass and treble so that a high volume does not disturb our hearing. In general, the quality is included in the price of the device, but it is worth to do tests in the store or read opinions in forums before buying.

Isolation from the outside

We have already commented that large , circumaural wireless headphones allow good isolation by the physical method of covering the ear foam, but this has its implications if we want to use them on the street. The logical thing is that we bet on interauricular models, which will have a lower rate of physical isolation.

Therefore we must have some sound cancellation system by software if we want to be isolated. That is a chip that detects outside noise and automatically emits a buzz that neutralizes it.

Whether or not they have a microphone

If we are going to use the wireless headphones in the phone, the logical thing is that they have a microphone, something not as common as we think, because they continue to sell models that do not incorporate it, especially those focused on domestic listening.

Scope of connectivity

One of the big problems with wireless headphones is that we are forced to be ‘close’ to the sound source, especially in Bluetooth transfer technology, which reaches a maximum of thirty meters in its most modern version, the 4.2. According to whom, thirty meters are many or few. For example, we work in an office building, and we are on a different floor from our office, where our telephone is.
We are supposed to bet on wireless to not carry the phone … There are alternatives that work with radio frequency, such as the Kleer, which allow a range of more than 100 meters but need the establishment of a broadcast station connected to the source. Anyway, the imminent arrival of Bluetooth 5.0 augurs a range of 120 meters.


It is perhaps the least important of the factors. Or not … It is not a minor issue that the wireless headphones we like because we have to carry them and offer an image of us. Certainly, there are beautiful models and models that could be described as ugly, so let us leave a space in our decision for aesthetics.

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